24 Aug 2020


Lava-Lite Hall: Halls 8-20 Stand: 8B19
  • Hydro-Gro+
  • Hydro-Gro+
  • Hydro-Gro+
Hydro-Gro+ Hydro-Gro+ Hydro-Gro+

Hydroponic growth requires a stable controlled environment, which can often be difficult to manage, but with HYDRO-GRO+ you have complete control. Its composition encourages root distribution and strength and as a pH neutral, 100% natural, chemically inert media, it provides the perfect base for full control of the addition of feeds, nutrients and any introduced fertilisers. Additionally to this, HYDRO-GRO+ soil-less growth reduces the associated issues of soil borne diseases, whilst encouraging beneficial bacteria and microbe colonisation. The product can be reused, offering a high crop cycle with complete control, from seedling through to harvest. The soft edges of the stone will not damage juvenile roots, encouraging strong and healthy plant growth.

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