Glee 2019

15-17 September 2020

NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK 

Tue & Wed 9:00 - 18:00, Thu 9:00 - 16:00

 Glee 2019

15-17 September 2020
NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK 

Tue & Wed 9:00 - 18:00, Thu 9:00 - 16:00

Klip ‘n’ Fresh

by: Wheelie Klips Limited


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Could be considered as “the starter pack” comprising of a set of klips and bottle of fragrance. Used with bin liners – Klip Bags. Used on General Waste only. The design includes a unique double click action to locate on the outer rim of your wheelie bin. Our products, designed and manufactured in the UK, work on most 120L, 180L and 240L bins. The Klip ‘n’ Fresh is to be used over and over again. Klip ‘n’ Fresh works with the Klip Bags (sold separately) which are specially designed to work with the product range. The Klip Bags we supply are of the highest quality due to their thickness and superior strength. It is important that you use our Klip Bags with your Klip ‘n’ Fresh product to avoid bags splitting and the concept of Klip ‘n’ Fresh being spoilt by weak bags. Klip ‘n’ Spray refills are available to purchase separately when needed. The packaging the product comes in can be recycled. Instructions for Use: Pull off one of your Klip Bags from the roll of 12, open out and place in the wheelie bin as normal. Overlap the open end around the rim of the bin. After removing each Klip from its package, remove the Klip ‘n’ Spray bottle to expose the adjustable nozzle. Push each of the Klips over the perimeter of the bin, one each side at 90 degrees to the hinge for the lid, trapping and securing the Klip Bag in place. Prime the Klip ‘n’ Spray bottle a few times then place back into the Klip ‘n’ Fresh and move the nozzle to the required angle directing into the bin. Your Klip ‘n’ Fresh is ready for use. Simply use the “pump action” to spray each time you use your wheelie bin to keep your bin smelling fresh and to deter insects such as flies from entering the bin all year round! Benefits Wheelie Klips solutions save you money and keep your general waste wheelie bin clean all year round. No need to pay to clean your bin, use the messy jet wash or use individual plastic bags (now not free from the supermarkets!). Klip 'n' Fresh holds your Klip Bag in a secure position so it does not fall into the bin when rubbish is dropped in. But that’s not all, the Klip ‘n’ Fresh holds a specially designed spray bottle with a uniquely developed Zesty Citrus fragrance created to neutralise odours, reducing the possibility of fly or insect infestation! It keeps your bin nice and fresh all year round!
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