12 Aug 2020

Plastic F150 Flatbed

Formbar Limited Hall: Halls 8-20 Stand: 20H57
  • Plastic F150 Flatbed
  • Plastic F150 Flatbed
  • Plastic F150 Flatbed
Plastic F150 Flatbed Plastic F150 Flatbed Plastic F150 Flatbed

This is our popular plastic flatbed trolley. First introduced at GLEE 2019 and people who visited our stand loved it! It moves smoothly over gravel as it is lightweight and can hold up to 150kg on the flat base and 35 litres in the top basket.

This trolley is becoming increasingly popular with garden centres and pet stores.

The basket is availble in a variety of colours and the handle has a plastic slot for logos and promotions. It can have a coin lock added for safety to prevent damage and theft, although plastic trolleys have no metal therefore no scrap metal value unlike a wire trolley. 

We have many other styles and sizes of plastic and wire trolleys available.  

Length: 1014mm
Width: 582mm
Height: 703mm
125mm ⌀ Wheels

As with all our plastic trolleys, a trial is available so you and your cusotmers can use and test the products in your store.

Why plastic trolleys are better than wire: 

These trolleys are made from very high-quality plastic so the life span is longer than a traditional wire. Also, because they are plastic they have no scrap metal value so are never stolen, meaning you do not have to re order to replace them. These trolleys are fully recyclable when they are no longer wanted. Plastic recycling is much less energy consuming and efficient than metal recycling. Being plastic this means they do not rust, which means they do not need re plating like a wire trolley would.


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