20 Mar 2021

Two Planter

Ergrownomics Limited Hall: Halls 8-20 Stand: 8A51

The Two Planter is a great introduction to home-growing, allowing you to split the space between herbs, salad crops and vegetables - and decide what works best for you! We think it’s especially brilliant for growing salad crops such as Spinach, Kale and Lettuce, and can fit discretely into almost any space - including balconies!

Our planters provide ‘real-world’ functionality for home-growing in compact spaces, including a drip-irrigation system (and two-part filter drainage – to keep everything clean!), patented plant-training system (allowing crops to be grown at high densities), and a customisable leg length, to ensure a comfortable working height (as well as preventing back-strain)!

And finally – because we’re serious about building things that last – our planters are manufactured using rotationally moulded (food-safe) MDPE, galvanised steel, brass and aluminium. It’s a no compromise approach, but it means that all our planters have a design- life of 50 years, outdoors!

Available in 'Millstone', 'Marble', 'Purple' & 'Recycled Black'.


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