Trend Update: 2023 Home and Outdoor living trends

29 Jun 2022
Glee Main Stage

As we look ahead to 2023, factors like the growing cost of living crisis, sustainability fears and the need for reconnection will drive householders to seek comfort and get creative in their homes and gardens. Feeling the pressure of so many external stress factors, mental wellbeing will be a growing concern and the consumer need for maximising and utilising outdoor space and nature will be greater than ever.

Join Trend Consultant Rebekah Hutchinson from global forecasting agency TrendBible as she outlines some of the key social and cultural shifts/macro trends which will underpin important householder behaviours for outdoor living in 2023. Join us to get informed on pivotal new behaviours such as hack life, rewilding and upskilling to help inspire your product and marketing for 2023.

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