Glee X Pryde: Embracing Inclusivity

28 Jun 2023
Glee Main Stage
Glee X Pryde: Embracing Inclusivity

In an increasingly interconnected and diverse world, it is essential for retailers to embrace and foster inclusivity at every level. 

In this exclusive panel, Rachael Forsyth, Senior Reporter at Horticulture Week will be joined by a panel of horticultural experts to discuss how we can shed light on the importance of diversity in the gardening retail world and explore strategies for cultivating an inclusive environment. During the session, our panel of experts will share their invaluable insights, experiences and best practices.

Rachael Forsyth, Senior Reporter - Horticulture Week
Michael Perry, Horticultural Expert and Social Media Sensation
Jason Williams, Cloud Gardener - Multi Award Winning Balcony & Small Space Garden Designer
Mollie Higginson, Sales Executive - YPHA
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