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Garden Care

Garden Care

Offering an extensive range of core garden maintenance and grow your own goods, products range from fertilisers and chemicals to hand tools, hedge trimmers and plant pots. Sustainability is at the forefront of the garden industry and a key trend in this sector.

Discover the latest developments and innovations from the likes of Evergreen, Bergs Potter, Veg Trug and Burgon & Ball. Our Garden Care sector provides everything you need to keep your garden flourishing throughout 2021 and beyond.



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Plant foods / Growing media / Watering / Bulbs & seeds
Lawn care / Pest & disease control






"Glee is a springboard for the industry. It is such a key point in time with the gardening industry, so it’s important we’re here, we can connect with a lot of customers"

Mark Portman, Managing Director, Evergreen

Bergs Potter


"As a supplier if you didn’t attend Glee, you’d miss out on meeting your existing customers, meeting potential new customers, both international and UK customers"

Anders Jeppesen, Area Sales Manager, Bergs Potter



"The new layout is great and the main walkway provides customers to come routinely throughout the day, so there’s no lull periods"

Sarah Taylor, Regional Sales Manager, Scheurich

Veg Trug


"We launched the VegTrug business in 2009 at Glee and we've come along way from Glee initially. We do a raised vegetable bed and we teach people how to grow their own at home"

Paul Owen & Joe Denham, Veg Trug

Who exhibits?


Hozelock is a global garden equipment manufacturer with head office in Birmingham, UK. Over 75% of their products are made in Britain. With the remaining 25% built in the overseas factories in France, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. Hozelock is sold in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, where it is achieving rapid growth.

Burgon & Ball

Burgon and Ball are Garden Care specialists and have been working with steel in Sheffield since 1730. In 2010 the company started to collaborate with designers creating award winning giftware ranges and in 2012 their stainless tools were even endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

De Ree UK

De Ree UK is part of the De Ree family, Holland's leading exporter of bulbs. A family business with years of knowledge and experience and a passion for flower bulbs and related products. The company is constantly developing new products based on the latest trends in flower bulbs, garden and lifestyle.

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