The Green Heart of Glee is the ever-popular display of best-selling plants, trees and shrubs from UK and International suppliers.

Located in the Atrium, just outside the hall entrances, the Green Heart offers a beautiful range of products including the latest varieties to help bring beauty and lift to your garden.  




The sector for...


Plants / Trees / Shrubs / Christmas trees
Cut flowers / Herbs



Success Story: Javado


"We find that we can talk to the right people here. It’s really the best place we can possibly be able to do that – sit down and have some time together, they can meet us and ask us questions about the products at the same time."

Chris Campbell, Javado

Who exhibits?

Florna Plants

Located in the heart of West Lancashire, Florna Plants are experienced in supplying quality garden plant products such as planted containers, hanging baskets, pack and pot bedding.

Laurica Plants

Laurica-plants is a family business that was established in the 1970s by horticulturists André Devisch and his wife Annie Seys. 

What started out from a passion grew into a specialised bay tree nursery and international market leader in high-quality bay trees.

Hargreaves Plants

A world leading commercial nursery that offers a wide range of plants, specialising in berry plants, asparagus and rhubarb plants as well as ornamentals.

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  • This autumn at GLEE Burgon & Ball adds fresh flair to its indoor gardening offering, with the launch of stylish new lines in indoor watering and indoor pots.
  • This autumn sees the first GLEE outing for the four new gardening accessories in the much-loved Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball collection, adding an elegant grey ticking stripe to the range. 
  • Building on the huge demand for Burgon & Ball’s small-but-beautifully-formed indoor watering can, GLEE 2021 sees the unveiling of two new colour options for this top-selling line.
  • Adding a sought-after accessory to the Burgon & Ball houseplant care line-up, this autumn sees the launch at GLEE of a collection of three new indoor plant misters.
  • At GLEE this autumn Burgon & Ball is making a splash with the launch of new watering cans in both outdoor and indoor watering categories, joining an already extensive line-up watering solutions.