Aaron Probert

Aaron Probert

Labre’s Hope Homelessness Charity Speech

The founder, Aaron Probert, is a business management graduate and social entrepreneur who has worked on impact ventures for five years. In his second year of University (2018), he heard a homeless woman's story whose usual spot was across the road from him. It was a story of domestic abuse which led to alcohol escapism and becoming isolated from her support network due to her abuser. Then her kidneys failed and she was faced with a decision - her partner, consumption and death, or a life on the streets. She chose the streets. After hearing this, Aaron wrote his dissertation (2019) based on a business model and decided to make it come to life.

This created Labre's Hope, the social enterprise which employs people experiencing homelessness to manufacture luxury, ethical soaps and candles in exchange for a living wage. Alongside this, staff members are given mental health support and training four hours a week which is delivered by organisations like national homeless charity Crisis and Rotherham Council so they can reintegrate into society and realise their inner potential.