15 - 17 September 2020
NEC Birmingham UK



100+ high quality leads, a major increase in brand awareness and sales being generated post show

“So many people told us to exhibit at Glee and they were right, it has been a great experience. We've already booked for next year.”

Pippa Henderson, Marketing Communications Executive, bio-bean


Focus and Challenges

Founded in 2013, bio-bean brings the idea of the Circular Economy alive by being the first company in the world to recycle waste coffee grounds into biofuels. bio-bean now has over 35 people focused on processing tens of thousands of tonnes of coffee waste a year into consumer products, the first being Coffee Logs - high-performance, sustainable briquettes for use in stoves, fires and chimineas.

A major challenge has been to identify the best potential customers. Initial research indicated that people of all ages love the idea, are interested in sustainability and when they see Coffee Logs they want to know the story behind the product. This knowledge then encourages customers to buy. With limited funds for distribution, bio-bean focused on finding retailers who really understand its new products and will display the Coffee Logs in an environment that enables customers to learn about the production process. 

Research identified garden centres as a good route-to-market and talking to managers about how to build awareness of this innovative product, one solution was consistently highlighted – Glee. 


The Glee solution

As a first time exhibitor, bio-bean worked closely with the Glee team and it was agreed that the Innovators Zone would be the best location for this exciting new company and product. The stand was simply decorated with a banner and the company took a pallet of Coffee Logs product to use as free sample give-aways to people who visited the stand – the aim being to encourage trial of this new product.

bio-bean knew that staffing was important so there were always 2-3 people from the company on the stand ready to talk visitors through the company story and how the Coffee Logs are made. bio-bean utilised the show website and social media programme and even included a competition to encourage visitors to come to the stand and find out more about these exciting new products.


Benefits of exhibiting

bio-bean used Glee ‘as a shop-front' to reach a high volume of potential buyers very quickly. The results in terms of both positive feedback and qualified leads have made the show a central part of its marketing strategy in 2018.  

Increase brand visibility

  • Present the company story and the environmental and sustainability aims of the business  
  • Explain the technology and rigorous processes that make the products safe and effective

Test the market

  • Learn which questions people ask, what they like, potential barriers during the sales process
  • Build a more detailed profile of the Coffee Logs customer

Meet the right people

  • Talk to buyers from all sizes of garden centres and retailers across the UK
  • Continue building relationships with industry commentators and the media


“Glee has helped us to get in front of the right people, it's focused on garden centres and that is the main market we're targeting.” 

Pippa Henderson, Marketing Communications Executive, bio-bean



  • Generated 100+ high quality leads
  • Major increase in brand awareness
  • Sales now being generated post show


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