15 - 17 September 2020
NEC Birmingham UK



110 qualified contacts and increased brand profile for first time exhibitor

"We consider Glee to be a very worthwhile project. We wanted to start building our profile in this marketplace and to meet potential customers, and we achieved both objectives." 
Nils de Vries, Sales Executive, Terrastyle. 

Focus and Challenges

Established in 2008, Terrastyle is one of the leading top 3 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of planters and ornaments in the UK. In 2016, the company delivered in excess of 1 million pots to its customers. Their high-quality products are manufactured worldwide in high volumes, leading to very competitive prices – an attractive proposition for the major multiples and growers. Moreover they pride themselves that they can do bespoke designs tailored to their customer's needs which do offer a point of difference.

In 2016, the company decided to test out the garden centre market. The challenge is that Terrastyle is not yet able to deliver the smaller quantities at prices that small and medium sized garden centres, nurseries, flower shops require for the product to be profitable. However, their sister company Teraplast, manufactures attractive plastic pot ranges that can meet this demand.   

The decision was taken to find a way to build the profiles of the two companies in the UK garden centre market and in the process, undertake market research to identify which parts of their respective offerings would work best in the UK. 

The objective: Test the UK market opportunity for Terrastyle and Teraplast 

“We didn't go to Glee with a sales target, our objectives were bigger than that. Still, it was great to leave with a high number of contacts that we believe will turn into opportunities.” 

The Glee solution 

Glee was selected as the best show to launch Terrastyle and Teraplast into the UK independent garden centre market, and a joint stand was designed with roughly 50% space allocated to each brand. 

As a first-time exhibitor and with limited contacts in the garden centre market, Terrastyle focused its energy on ensuring the stand would attract the attention of passers-by and used carefully developed display stands to exhibit around 1,000 items. Joint branding was used when taking advantage of the promotion opportunities on the show website and for leaflets handed out on the stand. 

Benefits of exhibiting

Terrastyle views Glee as a strategic part of its long-term investment in the UK garden centre market as it looks to find new ways of meeting the specific demands of this growing sector. 

Build brand profile 

  • Present the Terrastyle values – high quality products, great prices, excellent customer service 
  • Opportunity to meet SME companies face-to-face 

Build customer relationships 

  • Buyers from the major multiples attend the show 
  • Identify new design needs and work towards major orders for the next season 

Be part of the market 

  • Reinforce the image of a leading player with long term commitment to this market 
  • Develop new relationships with potential partners 

“Glee was a good investment in the future of our company so we immediately booked a stand at the 2017 event.”
Nils de Vries, Sales Executive, Terrastyle 

110 qualified contacts and leads generated 
Insight into customer purchasing trends 
Increased brand profile in this highly competitive market 

For more information about Terrastyle, visit www.terrastyle.co.uk

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