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10-12 September 2018
NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK


An interactive feature area at Glee to source inspiration and the latest industry trends


The Retail Lab at Glee in association with the HTA, is an exciting and innovative feature area showcasing future product, in-store experience and merchandising trends with Romeo Sommers and the HTA. 

Returning for a second year to Glee, The Retail Lab explored market insights and how retailers can engage with different consumer groups whilst inspiring, educating and wowing visitors. 

The 2018 theme: Happy Gardening 

Happy gardening explored why the world is in love with colour and play, and how playing with material, shape and colour stimulates the imagination, creativity and out of the box thinking. 

Happy Gardening is about showing everybody, even those who have no experience with gardening, that it should be fun, that you’re allowed to make mistakes and not to be afraid of trying new things. 

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grow your own

Explore the 2018 themes

easy gardening

For a lot of people gardening can be quite a daunting activity and a lot of people think it takes a lot of time and equipment, however we have so many products that help us maintain a garden in a very easy way. This theme was focused on simplifying gardening and showing people gardening can be enjoyed without having to work too hard. 

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feel good

This theme was about all the senses within the garden and proving that gardening can help create a feel-good factor. Gardening is relaxing, it’s about getting outdoors having fun, touching, feeling and smelling plants and engaging all the senses. 


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grow your own

This was the third theme within Happy Gardening, this is about understanding where your food comes from and what goes into it, Grow Your Own can be accessed by anyone young or old and from a garden in the countryside or a balcony in the city. 


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Pets are increasingly thought of as part of the family and there’s a developing trend in the humanisation of pets. People increasingly serve pets with food that’s organic, healthy and locally sourced and often treat them as if they are children.


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The last theme within Happy Gardening was Play, Play is about having fun in the garden and creating outdoor spaces which in turn create memories. This theme focuses on being playful and inspiring and enjoying the spaces around you, whilst developing something from scratch and having fun with it. 

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Retail Lab Tours

The Retail Lab tours gave visitors explanations and further knowledge into the key insights and trends being showcased on the Retail Lab feature and also provided understandings about how to implement the trends being shown. 

Romeo Sommers ran the Retail Lab tours onsite at Glee 2019 and they were operated on a first come first serve basis. There was a maximum of 30 people permitted per session and visitors needed to register their interest in the tours to attend. 


Romeo Sommers

Romeo Sommers is the Creative Director of the Retail Lab at Glee, taking the latest industry trends and themes, he puts them into concepts and information that have a clear direction as well as longevity.

Romeo worked alongside a team of dedicated and proven professionals, who work, live and breath the garden retail industry, to create the 2018 feature. 

An interview with Romeo Sommers


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