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Int’l Buyers

Run by Glee’s show partner, Gardenex, the International Buyers Connect match international buyers with UK and international sellers in quick appointments.

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Britain is the ‘home of gardening’ and Glee offers international visitors a unique opportunity to discover the very best British products and brands.

If you’re an international visitor you can take advantage of the free facilities at the International Buyers’ Centre located alongside The Club lounge at Glee 2022. This will be hosted by Gardenex, the trade association which helps international garden buyers to find products from the UK and the facilities will include refreshments, cloakroom, free WiFi and charging points.

Gardenex will also be hosting the popular International Buyers Connect sessions at the show. These are 10 minute pre-arranged meetings matching international buyers with potential suppliers. This year, we are also hosting online versions of the event for those international buyers unable to travel to the show. By arranging meetings in advance, we can ensure international buyers only meet the export contacts at suppliers of real interest to them and have plenty of time to explore the show.

For information on how you can participate either at show or online, please contact as soon as possible.

Get in touch with Gardenex