Whether it's helping you to choose the right gardening gloves for the job, or buying a quality digging tool, built to last, we have you covered. The Mulchers at Mulch HQ have curated a range of gloves to suit each garden task. Whether its those extra fiddly jobs, like sowing seeds to the tough gra of landscaping, we have the glove for you.

Why Choose Mulch?

• STOCK IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE Stock is in the UK now & can be easily delivered within a few days, ready for the busy season.

• CONFIDENCE 100% legally compliant to protect you & your customers. Tested by SATRA with Declarations of Conformity available to the end users, as required by law

• POINT OF DIFFERENCE Mulch gloves aren't just gloves. They engage the customer, by making them smile, which is why they are giable & sell 12months of the year

• FREE STANDS & CLIPSTRIPS Gloves are an impulse purchase, so using our stands in the planteria and clip strips by the tills, compost and garden tools, will encourage extra sales


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