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For the greenhouse in your garden or allotment/balcony/back yard - AutoPot can provide any grower of any ability with a watering system to simply and successfully grow your own fresh healthy food. 

Thanks to the patented AQUAvalve  AutoPot is the only watering system in the world where each individual plant controls its own irrigation and receives fresh fertiliser enriched water exactly when they need it.  AutoPot is environmentally sustainable no water is ever lost and does not require electricity, timers, pumps, computers or mains water to operate. 

Water and fertiliser are simply supplied from a reservoir of any size via gravity. So you can grow anything anywhere.

Used by champion growers such as Medwyn of Anglesey for his 13 gold medal wins at Chelsea flower show.

We are also the only watering system that is RHS endorsed. 

Never again do you need to worry about over or under watering, and you can leave our systems feeding and watering for up to two weeks unattended. So they are perfect for holiday watering.



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  • AutoPot Watering Systems are suitable for all growers and all crops. Whether you’re growing in a greenhouse, on a balcony, patio, or an allotment, we have an irrigation solution for you.
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