Durston Garden Products Ltd

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Durston Garden Products Ltd is a family owned business with over 160 years of experience, hard work, constant evolution and development, which has led to Durstons reputation for quality and service being recognised throughout the United Kingdom.

These core strengths allow Durstons to provide the needs of customers across the intire field of modern garden products business in a variety of retail outlets.



United Kingdom


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  • An extra large bag with added fertiliser. Perfect for growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables and salad crops.   Packs per pallet: 76
  • With added fertiliser, ideal for growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables and salad crops.   Packs per pallet: 100
  • Derived from sustainable forest sources, this decorative mulch gives the garden an attractive and tidy appearance whilst suppressing weeds on planted landscaped areas. It helps to conserve soil moistu ...
  • A blend of manure and organic materials. Ideal for improving the soil structure by adding humus and nutrients. Not suitable for acid-loving plants. Size: 40L Packs per pallet: 70
  • Made from completely renewable and recycled sources, this versatile natural organic soil conditioner is great for improving problem soils.   Size: 40L Packs per pallet: 70
  • A quality blend containing sterilised loam and added organic matter. Ideal for a variety of uses around the garden, on lawns, on flower beds, for planting or general border use. Size: 20L Packs per pa ...
  • The traditional mix for sowing most kinds of seeds. It can also be used for rooting soft cuttings.   Size: 25L Packs per pallet: 60
  • A scientific blend of peat free materials, specially formulated for the planting of roses, trees or shrubs which require assistance for longer lasting performance. Size: 50L Packs per pallet: 65
  • Ideal for all container planting. Additional wetting agent promotes vigorous growth even in hot or windy conditions. Size: 50L Packs per pallet: 65
  • A fine compost containing sufficient nutrients to enable seed germination and growth until ready to prick out. Also ideal for young cuttings while they root. Size: 20L Packs per pallet: 140
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