Smiemans Projecten B.V.

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Our modern, independent and family-owned company, with our roots in the development of greenhouses, realizes all types of commercial glass constructions like futureproof and tailor-made garden centres, botanical glasshouses and leisure centres. Our partnership with Ebtech Glasshouse Systems Ltd enables us to realize our technology and knowledge in the UK more efficiently, better, more consistently and more directly. This gives our customers a local service point and a broader range of services.




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  • Do you want an innovative garden centre that is climate-proof, multifunctional and sustainable? As a leading expert in the development of garden centres, we can convert your wishes into a cost-effecti ...
  • In one weekend, the successful Plantorama chain has added two new garden centres. Despite all limitations by Covid-19, Smiemans succeeded in realizing these two innovative projects in ± 8 months.
  • For Hageland, Smiemans Projecten is building a new garden centre in Tau. This modern multipurpose building will have an internal sales area of ca. 1,100 m2 with additional outdoor plant sales area.
  • For the famous botanical garden "Flora" in Cologne, Smiemans is building a special glass construction by architects Königs. So special that it has won the Benelux Trophy Hot Dip Galvanizing 2021.
  • With our experience and knowledge your wishes will come true in the optimum combination, also for your specific situation: innovative sustainable multifunctional garden centres.
  • With over half a century of knowledge and experience in building glassconstructions as public-accessible spaces, Smiemans Projecten knows how to realize the right climate within the available budget a ...
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