Super Ninja

Super Ninja Pest control have a range of effective and sustainable pest control products. Our products are made with only natural ingredients as the attractant and our products are made from recycled materials and no nasty toxins.

Already a Top 5 selling product in the Home and Garden category, on Amazon UK during the fruit fly season, come along to our stand to see the full range of sustainable pest control products for 2023.

We also have a range pre-filled free standing display units on show for immmediate order and delivery.





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  • Super Ninja Fruit Fly Trap is the world’s number one best-selling product for getting rid of fruit flies. Our traps are extensively used by professionals like Rentokil Initial. Fruit Flies are one of ...
  • Super Ninja Clothes Moths Traps are a true moth magnet. The pheromones inside are simply irresistible to the male cloth moths and they are soon caught on the super sticky glue pads. Without any toxins ...
  • Fungus Gnats or more commonly known as Plant Flies are attracted to our super sticky Super Ninja Plant Fly Traps. Simply place in the soil at the base of the plants, where the gnats lay their eggs. Pl ...
  • Silverfish and paperfish are a growing problem in Western Europe due to warmer houses with better insulation. Luckily you can effectively trap these pests with Super Ninja Silverfish Traps. The integr ...