The Wool Packaging Company

Hortiwool are a UK based family business from the heart of Staffordshire. We have worked with natural materials for almost two decades, and hands down our absolute favourite is Wool. B Corp certified, we are focused on sustainable gardening, using natural materials to replace plastics and man-made products where we can. We believe in business and products as a force for good, and we take both our Environmental and Social Impact seriously.

Our product range includes our versatile Hortiwool Pad made from 100% British Wool, used for mulching, plant protection from slugs and frost, insulation or as a simple growing pad, and our Hanging Basket Liner sets. Watch this space as we continue to expand our range, we have new products waiting in the wings. Please do get in touch with any questions or feedback, we love to talk!


United Kingdom


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  • Our¬†Hortiwool Hanging Baskets Liners are made¬†made using 100% pure British sheep wool, nothing else, just wool. We have developed our Hortiwool range to now include our Hanging Basket liner. Natural w ...
  • We have created a useful little pad for use in and around the garden or on your allotment. Wool's awesome natural properties means our Hortiwool Pad is multi-use. Natural wool fibres are amazing. Not ...