15 Sep 2023

Sustainable signage: From banners to bags

Glee celebrates circularity through our partnership with Flow, Design & Build who are instrumental in supporting us to build the Glee show. Together we’re creating a better future by rethinking sustainability and reinventing how we use our signage after the event!

The life of a sign

As a show, Glee prioritises sustainability through our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) initiative, Giving at Glee. To champion these goals and create a circular system of reuse, our latest collaboration-led program repurposed materials from onsite signage. With the help of Flow, Glee turned show banners into fashionable, everyday items.

This reuse approach to sustainability is about finding new uses for materials beyond their initial purpose. The iconic Glee Birmingham backdrops, which would once only live for the duration of the show, took on a new life as stylish items like bags, dog beds, and even deck chairs.

An industry initiative

Partnering with Flow, highlights a mutual focus on sustainability, not just from Hyve and our partners but from the whole industry. Businesses and brands are now, more than ever, looking for ways to reduce waste and implement environmentally friendly practices.

The collaboration between Hyve Group and Flow celebrates creativity and design while taking the steps to build a sustainable future. By repurposing our onsite signage, we hope to inspire others to consider eco-friendly alternatives and kick-start their own initiatives. This is your sign to start your creative recycling journey.

Join us at Glee 2024 as we plant the seeds for future innovation.

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