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Experiences are now an integral part of the garden centre offer, and running a successful business needs the right support from tech, display and retail services.

Find practical, innovative and useful in-store and online solutions that work for your business in Glee’s forward-thinking show sector; Retail Experiences and Services.




retail services

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Logistics / Design / e-Commerce / Store technology / Displays & fittings
Software solutions / Online advice



Success Story: Link Shelving


"I come to Glee because it gets to my core audience, the whole community is drawn together by Glee. The level of interest was incredible!"

James Tweddell, Link Shelving

Who exhibits?

Creative Products

Creative products was inspired by founder Mark King and his love for experiences and adventure. Offering different ways of sharpening, storing, feeding, cleaning, and planting, Creative Products offer alternative and fun ways of doing things.


Established in 2003, HDC Ltd specialise in the manufacture and installation of graphic print and point of sale displays. Offering the complete package, from large multiple store roll out programs to small retail shop fits, HDC Ltd provides seamless solutions at competitive prices.

N Smith

With over 115 years of history and experience, the team at N Smith are always striving to provide their customers with the best possible service and highest value and quality. From basic corrugated cardboard boxes, to full point of sales display stands, N Smith offers solutions that make people stop and look.

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