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13 Jul 2018

Glee Discovery Tour

Glee Discovery Tour

Glee Discovery Tour

The brand-new Discovery Tours are open to all visitors on a first come first serve basis and offer attendees an exclusive guided walk around Glee, highlighting ‘must visit' areas and stands.

The study tours are a great way for first time visitors to learn how to best navigate the show, as well as being a fantastic way for regular Glee visitors to see their favourite brands and discover new ones. The aim of the tours are so buyers and their store buying teams can understand and learn, how to better merchandise and sell the products that they purchase at the show. These tours aren't only limited to buyers, this is a great opportunity for staff who wouldn't usually attend Glee such as merchandisers, to learn more about where the products are coming from and how to display, merchandise and sell them.

Glee Discovery Tour There will be a total of 3 study tours across the 3 days of Glee, allowing up to 30 people per session to participate. These participants will need to be pre-registered for Glee before requesting a spot on the study tour.

The route of the study tour ensures all key areas are seen and gives participants the opportunity to see some of the best-looking stands, most inspirational feature areas and even sign up for the exclusive Retail Lab at Glee tour at the end.

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