Exhibitor Press Releases


    14 Mar 2022 Caroline Clews
    FEBRUARY 2022: Highlighting it’s dynamic and innovative approach, new outdoor lifestyle brand HEX Living, has unveiled a show-stopping mobile showroom. Enabling the business to visit individual custom ...
  • This spring sees the expansion of Carbon Gold's range of enriched biochar-based soil additives to include two new lines - Biochar Houseplant Booster and Biochar Compost Rejuvenator.
  • Say Goodbye to Plastic!

    17 Feb 2022 Mark Pitman
    Wildlife World flexes its sustainable credentials with the a range of Natural Rubber Seed Cell Trays. Bringing ethically sourced, FairlyTraded, sustainable, long-lasting garden products to the market.
  • Sun Newspaper - Saturday Garden Page

    12 Feb 2022 PHIL WILSON
    National press coverage in the Sun newspaper Satuday gardening section live with Val and Steve Bradley 
  • Mark Lane BBC morning Live

    31 Jan 2022 PHIL WILSON
    Huge thanks to Mark Lane for endorsing pot-mate , a pots best friend in the garden ! A great endorsement live on breakfast TV  on BBC 1   Jan 22
  • Gardeners World x Leon Boots Co

    20 Jan 2022 Gardeners World
  • Tilnar Art AluminArk Pot Stakes

    01 Oct 2021 Nicky Maynard
    In 2022, we launched Pot and Plant Stakes versions of our AluminArk Collection of Recycled Aluminium Animals and Birds. 
  • Tilnar Art AluminArk Collection

    01 Oct 2021 Nicky Maynard
    Tilnar Art is very proud to have designed and now be launching our new AluminArk Collection of Recycled Aluminium Animals.
  • Our 100% natural, pH-neutral horticultural products are a perfect fit for all gardening needs. From cacti and orchids to pest control and hydroponic systems, our natural horticultural products really ...
  • The highest quality, legally registered, natural cannabinoid-based health and skincare products to provide relief for gardeners tired and sore muscles and joints as well as irritated skin.