Exhibitor Press Releases

  • Yorkshire Flowerpots at Glee 2022

    05 May 2022 Liz Hudston
    Barnsley based Yorkshire Flowerpots is the UK’s only volume producer of ceramic flowerpots, producing in excess of 200,000 pots per year. It is part of the 4th generation Naylor Group of Companies, a ...
  • CoirProducts.co.uk provides a diverse range of natural and biodegradable coir-based products under our own brands or under pribate labeling. 
  • CoirProducts growbags are ideal for growing a variety of plants & crops. Our growbags have been widely used in nurseries, greenhouses, & hydroponic growing under our own brands or private labelling. 
  • CoirProducts.co.uk offers a unique & distinct range of coir bundles. We have over 30 popular sustainable coir bundes to choose from. Customise bundles can also be accomodated. 
  • Why Choose Wildlife and Birdcare?

    23 Apr 2022 Sammy Holman
    Wildlife and Birdcare (CIC) is unique in its approach to providing work opportunities and employment for people with learning disabilities and those with diverse needs. Working in partnership with oth ...
  • Protek have a clear vision along with a reputation on delivering excellence through their products and service. The comprehensive Wood Care retail range offers products for all tastes and budgets.
  • Made in their Somerset factory, with a strong environmental ethos the treatments developed are plant safe, pet safe and child safe.
  • Carbon Gold is delighted to announce they have been granted the honour of the Royal Warrant by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales as supplier of Biochar products to the Royal Household.    

    14 Mar 2022 Caroline Clews
    FEBRUARY 2022: Highlighting it’s dynamic and innovative approach, new outdoor lifestyle brand HEX Living, has unveiled a show-stopping mobile showroom. Enabling the business to visit individual custom ...
  • Achieving a beautiful lawn naturally has never been easier, Empathy’s RHS endorsed fully biological lawn care range has everything gardener's need to sow, repair and feed lawns.
  • FEBRUARY 2022: Set to have a lasting impact on the outdoor storage and garden furniture industry, Staffordshire based multi award-winning sheet metal manufacturing business, Alpha Manufacturing, has l ...
  • Pump and feed house plants naturally

    14 Mar 2022 Gemma Sharpe
    Empathy After Plant Liquid Feed range leaves no plant unfed with the introduction of its houseplant feeds. The RHS endorsed formulas will make caring for indoor plants a breeze.