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Exhibitor Brochures & Catalogues

  • Burgon & Ball's trade catalogue for home and garden gift customers 2022
  • Kidzplay Nature Boxes

    28 Jun 2022 Kidzplay
    The boxes are equipped with shared focus activities for familes to enjoy together outdoors. Inspire a child's creativity and critical thinking abilities. All of the activities are linked to the Early ...
  • Pet Range

    28 Jun 2022
  • Catalog 2022-2023

    28 Jun 2022 Santino
    Self Watering - affordable for everyone
  • Brief

    28 Jun 2022
  • Burgon & Ball garden and gift catalogue

    28 Jun 2022 Burgon & Ball
    Burgon & Ball's trade catalogue for garden and gift customers 2022
  • Catalog

    28 Jun 2022
    This catalog includes some of our core range. Having supplied this core gardening range worldwide, we present ourselves as masters of these products.
  • Urban Farm-It Catalogue

    27 Jun 2022 Urban Farm-It
  • Trellis Bliss Global

    25 Jun 2022 From Trellis Horticulture International
    Launching First Time in UK-Trellis Bliss
  • hydria fountain kit

    25 Jun 2022 Piet Bez
    Hydria™ is the latest in garden tech. The world’s first rechargeable water feature kit allows you to ‘plant’ a beautiful water feature in minutes - no wires, solar panels or plumbing required.  Choose ...
  • Retail Products with specialised retail packing available from Trellis
  • New in the Garden for 2022

    24 Jun 2022 Karen Abbott
    In this mini brochure you can read all about the new products released by Spear & Jackson this year