Exhibitor Brochures & Catalogues

  • Burgon & Ball's trade catalogue for home and garden gift customers 2022
  • Burgon & Ball garden and gift catalogue

    28 Jun 2022 Burgon & Ball
    Burgon & Ball's trade catalogue for garden and gift customers 2022
  • Bronte Heritage Collection

    24 Jun 2022 Bronte Heritage Collection
    Bronte Heritage Collection is an impressive collection of gardening products that lead the way in horticultural innovation. Steeped in years of experience, we work with leading manufacturers and suppl ...
  • The Garden Village - Timber Garden Products

    23 Jun 2022 Nicola Birtwistle
    Manufacturer of timber garden products in Lancashire..
  • Huge Choice. Incredible Prices. High Profitability.  
  • Tray2Grow Introduction

    21 Jun 2022 Joshua Ralph-Smith
    automatic watering at its best... one tray, 5 uses!  
  • Webb Garden Power Range 2022

    21 Jun 2022 Handy
    Quality, Superior Build, Simplicity of Operation and Flexibility of Use
  • Price List

    21 Jun 2022 Joshua Ralph-Smith
    Detailed descriptions and pricing information on some of our top selling products!
  • Tramontina Outdoor Living 2022

    21 Jun 2022 Tramontina UK
  • The Glee Issue! 
  • U.K. Brochure 2022

    21 Jun 2022 Joshua Ralph-Smith
    Our latest product brochure for 2022!
  • 2023 Capi Catalogue

    15 Jun 2022 K E Ebbens
    At Capi Europe taking care of the planet and each other is in our roots. We reshore much of our production and adopt a technique that cuts our energy consumption by 80%. We make our offices and ways o ...