Exhibitor Brochures & Catalogues

  • Carbon Gold 2022 Catalogue

    20 Apr 2022 Mike Hartshorn
    Carbon Gold's new 2022 Biochar Product Catalogue featuring our full range of enriched biochar products.
  • Spring Summer 2022 New Colours

    20 Apr 2022 H Farquhar
    New Colours for 2022 A wonderful guide to the new colours available this season. An inspirational look at what can be achieved with this great range of paints.
  • Protek Colour Guide

    20 Apr 2022 H Farquhar
    Protek's Mini Brochure A quick guide to all our products and the colours available.
  • Propagation Offers 2022

    18 Apr 2022 Mark Dedman
  • 2022 The Pest Control Catalogue

    31 Mar 2022 Pelsis
    Pelsis develops leading brands for commercial and retail customers, delivering innovative pest control and garden care products to a global customer base. 
  • 2022 Brochure

    23 Mar 2022
  • P&R Horticultural

    23 Mar 2022 Patterson and Rothwell
    Welcome to Patterson and Rothwell`s luxury garden range. Discover our comprehensive range of planters available in a variety of different designs, styles and colours. All our pots are made from recycl ...
  • A full showcase of Plantworks 2022 retail offering
  • Bespoke Planning Brochure

    24 Feb 2022 Michael Griffiths
    details and examples of Garden Centres we have helped develop  
  • UKG Homegrown Features

    22 Feb 2022 Robert Marsden
  • VegTrug 2022 Catalogue

    21 Jan 2022 VegTrug
  • About EPoS and Us

    21 Jan 2022 David Seville
    Read more about Open Retail Solutions and What EPoS is about and how it can benefit your business.