Exhibitor Videos

  • Haago Handwarmers - Reusable

    28 May 2024 Haago
  • Wildjac highlights their eco-friendly spirits made from locally sourced botanicals in the Wyre Forest, showcasing their innovative Frugal packaging and a commitment to sustainability.
  • What we have to offer

    30 Apr 2024 By Jo Crafts
    A little taster of what we have to offer you at Glee this year!
  • Introducing our best-selling Hamish Highland Cow & Bonnie Highland Cow collections, tailored for all the Highland cow enthusiasts out there.
  • AutoPot Watering Systems are suitable for all growers and all crops. Whether you’re growing in a greenhouse, on a balcony, patio, or an allotment, we have an irrigation solution for you.
  • Review of GLEE 23

    14 Mar 2024 Dean Winters
  • ACD - Corporate Movie

    01 Jan 2024 ACD
    Hi, Please have a look at our corporate movie about our company and our products. Team ACD
  • Woodmansterne - W-Select

    04 Sep 2020 Woodmansterne
    A look at W-Select greeting card category management at awards-winning Garsons Garden Centre.
  • Woodmansterne - Values that last

    04 Sep 2020 Woodmansterne
  • Manufacturing Process

    Felt Products Ltd
  • Restaurant for Groves Nursery

    Smiemans Projecten
    We built a restaurant ((415m²) next to the existing garden centre of Groves. This HighLight arched greenhouse (8.5 metres high) is split up into a restaurant,conservatory and outdoor terrace.
  • Don't listen to us! We let our happy customers do the talking.