Glee 2023 Roundtable

We can’t wait for you to join us at Glee 2023! To give you a head start, we’ve put together 3 episodes containing valuable insights on the garden retail market, upcoming trends and the needs of the 2023 consumer.

Tune in to our latest roundtable discussion below! Featuring Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek), Hannah Craggs (TrendBible), Hannah Powell (Perrywood Garden Centre) and Lance Russell (Thompson & Morgan).


Episode 1

“It's been a crazy few years - the industry boomed. Online sales are particularly in demand, and there’s a big increase in consumer demand; we've attracted a wider audience into gardening. We've got people excited and we've been able to look at different ways to market plants.”

Lance Russell, Head of Client Sales, Thompson & Morgan


Episode 2

This episode looks at the impact of social media and influencers, and how we can empower employees to be brand ambassadors.


Episode 3

This episode highlights sustainability challenges and future trends.

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