Talent Store

Do you have some amazing colleagues in your business that are just starting out? Would they benefit from a little bit of training and creative guidance? Are they a little competitive?

Launching in 2023

Designed with and for junior retailers, the Glee Talent Store is a crash course in visual merchandising, branding and retail giving participants the chance to learn from experts across the industry. Once they have had this insight they will be asked to design their own pop up shop, to be brought to life at Glee. Can you think of a team member who would benefit from our tailored talent development programme?


Why enter the
Talent Store


The Talent Store is for retailers and visual merchandisers who want to gain trend insight, understand how to inspire it in store, and translate it into product buying decisions.

At the end of the programme, Talent Store attendees will put everything into practise by designing their own room inside a pop-up garden centre at Glee 2023. It’s the ultimate industry showcase for emerging retailers.