15 - 17 September 2020
NEC Birmingham UK

Glee News

Glee News

  • Established in 2008, ecoegg's first product was the Laundry Egg, an effective eco-friendly alternative to conventional washing detergents.  Since then, they have developed a broad range of innovative products to help you Live Clever.

    In 2016, ecoegg was awarded the Queen's Award For Enterprise, recognising it's ground-breaking innovation and success.

  • LA PLANCHA by ENO: A healthy and precise way to ENO is a French manufacturing company with a centenary know-how in cast enamelling. ENO is producing high quality plancha for outdoor and professional market and is a leader in France for this new cooking style which is revolutionizing the barbecue.
  • La Tente Islaise is a linen alcove where simplicity and authenticity invigorate the art of nap time, the philosophy of quiet time, the nonchalance of free time for reading, or the pleasures of a family picnic.
  • A visual guide to companion planting 3rd Party CodeIf gardening can sometimes feel like a solitary activity, freeing yourself from anthropocentric ideas of ‘togetherness' and learning to hang out with ...
  • All working environments can be stressful and as business leaders we want to create surroundings which are helpful to our staff and colleagues alike. Stressful working conditions can reduce comfort levels thereby reducing productivity.
  • PetMaxi are the first in the industry in Portugal to include fresh meat in their products, guaranteeing that the high biological value of its proteins remains intact until the pellets are served to your pet, so that they enjoy a diet that is more natural and tasty.
  • Louis Moulin launches its modular greenhouses Miniterra. Ideal for the small spaces, they are easy to install and functional. 
  • Do you know that flowers also communicate with the surrounding environment? It is said that the flowers recognize the beautiful environments, music, and positive praises.
  • For garden centres looking to inspire their customers, what are your recommendations with regards to finding new and unique products?
  • Do you go to the same bathroom as your customers? And where do you park your car? Three questions that might seem strange, but to get online attention, there is nothing quite as powerful as a weird pick-up line. However, there is a kernel of truth: good coffee, a clean toilet and the parking area say a lot about your garden centre.
  • Made up of MO Bacter, Bio-Lime and Recovery, the range – created by Belgian lawn care experts, Viano, and distributed by DJ Turfcare in the UK – marks the first lawn care range of this type to receive ...
  • You can't ignore the internet if you want to sell more plants nowadays! Here are 3 tips to sell more plants by using the internet and if you want to learn more.